One of My Inspiration: Jagath Jayasekera – A True Trainer and One of a Kind.

What comes to my mind first and foremost when I think of his name? when I try to visualize him my mind? When I still hear his voice ringing in my ears? . The image of someone who has truly earned a permanent place of respect, affection in my heart! Yes he is the one who is the head of Training & Development @ virtusa, Srilanka.

Not just simply because he is an excellent Trainer, but because to most of us who know him, he is a very simple and yet great achiever according to me. Of course, he has been a driving force in my better learning of my life subjects from now.To name a few. Patience, Perseverance, Faith in hard work, Honesty in character, Sincere Efforts, Running my own race, Optimism in the face of failure, Challenging hurdles with my chin held high, To smile when it hurts the most and I can keep going on with this list!

There were times after my University life, when the path to success in a way I wished for seemed closed from all sides; when my trials were in vain; When I lost the motivation to do better; When I was discouraged when my classmates from India better gifted than myself, and I felt peer pressure to conform & often found emotions overwhelmed.

What makes him a real champion is not just his experience and devotion to his job, but his Simplicity. His sessions on Time management and his program on L.I.F.E were simply awesome. Though i attended many presentations and career success programs in India, none of them were that much effective as his.People who come across trainings from him must have accomplished something in their life. Hope i will be one among them. He deserves our gratitude for sure!!!

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