Want To Be a Super Man? – Learn First Aid!

It is very important that we must understand the importance of first aid. The art that we all think is redundant in life but let me tell you friends that how good it is. It is realized when we save someones life, help him/her in the situation where your help is required the most as the situation may be the matter of life and death.Simple situations like, choking can kill a person in a minute or two, poisoning, bleeding for 15 minutes can be real fatal, heart attack / cardiac arrest etc. What we need to do is really a simple thing first aid. It is not a rocket science.This is one of the session i attended in my training period.

Let me share some of the key points i come across,

First Aid:
It is the first assistance and help given by a qualified person by using correct methods and available resources.

Objectives of First Aid:
1.Save Life.
2.Avoid Injury Becoming worse.
3.To promote Recovery.

First Aid Priorities:

Assess the situation:

  1. Observe what has happened quietly and calmly.
  2. Look for dangers to yourself and to the casualty.
  3. Never Put Yourself at risk

Make the area safe:

  1. Protect the casualty from danger.
  2. Be aware of your limitations.

Assess all casualties and Give Emergency first aid:

  1. Assess each casualties to determine priorities and threat those threatening conditions first.

Get Help:

  1. Quickly ensure that any necessary Specialist help on the way. It may be a doctor or a fully qualified first aider.

Responsibilities Of First Aider:

(i)To be aware of the danger.
(ii)Keep a record.
(iii) Protect the lives of casualties
(iv) Handover the casualties to someone responsible

Here comes the record of a patient to whom you gave first aid:

1. Date you met the person.
2.Where you met the person
3.Time you met the person
4.The signs and symptoms of the person(what he told)
5.What first aid you gave
6.Time you took patient to the hospital
7.Time you came from hospital
8.The number of vehicle you took the person to the hospital
9.The name of the hospital you handover.

This matters whenever there is an inquiry arises suppose when the person dies, you can produce this record to police,court or wherever required. you won’t get into any trouble unless you are a qualified first aider. Many people would scared to do first aid after reading this, but saving a life is the best thing in this world.

Here comes the Qualities of a first aider:

  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Patience
  • kindness
  • not to reject
  • no discrimination
  • self strengths and confidence
  • act according to the situation
  • not to get excited
  • Prompt action

Here i have given a sample and important first aid tip that everyone must know,


Accidents can happen at anytime without prior information. The first response to an accident
is the most important.Often times, first aid given at the place improves the victim’s chances
of survival with a good recovery.

Based on that the following is explained :–

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)-

–Unconscious victims may die because tongue falls to the throat and block air passage.
–To avoid tongue fault keep the hand to the casualties head and tilt it.
–To see whether he is breathing or not function look listen and feel method in 5 seconds
–If the person is breathing exam or check whole body of the patient from head to toe to see whether any broken or injuries, if there are no broken bone or injuries turn him to the recovery head if he is unconscious turn the head alone.
–If the victim’s heart has stopped beating,perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
if you have been properly trained to do so.

Here is the demonstration:

Everyone would love to be a Super Hero.So there is a chance for you to be in the list of Superman, and Spider man etc.So, once you learn first aid there is a chance to save lives. So be a superman.

This is a presentation done by Red Cross Society Srilanka.

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