What to do with damaged CDs?

I was wondering what could I do with CD’s that I cannot use anymore.Here are some of the creative ideas that struck my mind!

You can make some music deco’s with it.a small phone book,scrapbook, or first clean it then paint it with poster colors,stick some pieces of broken mirror,& make a wonderful picture frame,write “do not disturb” or other things creatively & hang it to your room door when it’s needed.

Broke it in some pieces then gather them together to make a new shape! & decorate it as a picture,make a birthday card with it.

You can take one of these battery clocks (not digital, the ones with the pointers)
All you have to do is take out the pointers, pass the axe on the CD’s hole and put the pointers back.you’ve got a cool CD clock.

If you have lot of CDs, pile them up and stick a PVC cylinder through the holes (this cylinder should be longer than the stack of CDs so you can attach it to a base on the bottom and to the light bulb holder on the top), then run an electrical cord through that.You can paint the outside of the CD stack or leave it as it is. Very modern!

A shorter stack of CDs can be used as a candle holder (glue the CDs together).Another idea is to use a medium size pile of CDs as a ‘solitaire’ vase for 1-2 (artificial or dried) flowers.

It Depends what you’re interested in & what you need!
hope it has helped!

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