Love your Job ! But.. Not your Company!

Well, I am back here after a year, reasons why i have chose this topics are many. One of the reasons could be one fine day i got a call from my childhood friend who was working for a reputed company in India and was shocked to hear that he was fired from that company.
He was very frustrated when he shared , but i was laughing and asking myself “is this guy kidding me?” because he was such an asset to any company. But after one year of his resignation he was not able to find a job. Absolutely, sometime you are doing better than others but company throw you for any other reason, major reason would be “boss is always right” try to break this rule & you will find yourself out of the company very soon without proper reason, while your activities are good, your work is good, your relation with other is good.When i made a  call to mind about this incident, i decided to write a post on this.

Yes, Especially in India where job changeovers across segments despite talent.It takes two hands to clap! What then happens really depends on the confidence and ability of the organizations leadership to embrace and mold differences. It takes a keen leader to successfully manage different personalities and abilities and knit these into a very successful and performing team. Loving your job helps you perform better and enjoy whatever task you are assigned to do! Loving your company motivates you and fuels the love you have for your job.

These days with global market, relationship and interest that companies have for global market, it is hard to predict how your employer would react to such fluctuating market! For them designing a work-force that can produce more profit is a big agenda. Some companies consider you as important asset to reach that goal, but many others feel you are replaceable. It all comes to one principle, find a right company if you can and be smart when you apply for a job. Once you find the right company be loyal to them, help them grow and be a part of their journey.

In today’s environment where restructuring is seen as part of doing business, howsoever effective, loyal or honest you may be, it comes down heavy when the company wants to get the organization in shape. Loyalty has become a rare quality in this day and age. Having said that, one should still remain as loyal as possible while with an organization, but it never hurts to keep feelers out. One can wind up on the sidewalk in an awful rush.

Love yourself first. Love what you do. Propose your ideas to the Company. Make a few friends, or not, with your co workers. Completely choose to separate your business life/personal life, it’s up to you. Isn’t it better when your Happy with who you are? There will be people, in our lives, that bring us down. Ultimately, you have the power to love, be loved and to choose your path. We all need POSITIVE in our lives, as our world leaders are confronted, with these exact feelings. It has saturated, the persons, in charge of our great world. So I say, “Love Yourself, Love Who You Are, Be the Best You can Be. But, remember you too can be replaced, at any given time.

Here’s a non-sugar-coated, not touchy-feely, un-politically-correct, not evolved, non-progressive perspective:

Companies are neither good nor bad. They simply are a collection of people recruited to deliver value to shareholders. Let that sink in a moment before continuing. The people in companies create the culture. The culture fits for the individual or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, the individual can:

1) Leave (easiest option)
2) Change to fit the culture (a big task)
3) Change the culture (usually impossible).

Managers have personalities / styles. If the employee does not fit with the manager’s personality or style. None of this makes the company good or bad. You fit your culture and can work with your manager’s style, or you don’t. Quit wining, make your choice, and get on with it. If you really think the company is plotting against you with nefarious intent, you have delusions of grandeur. Fact is, you just are not that important. You, like everybody else  will, be replaced when the value you deliver falls below what the company can receive from a competitor (somebody else who wants your job).

It’s healthy and good for your emotional and professional well-being to love the work, and respect the company, but not expect the company to love or protect you back. I think all of us have been there, especially those of us who are over 23. We put a lot of passion and creativity in our work, and then the company makes a switchback, and you are no longer so loved. You then become marginalized, which is the neon sign that you should be on your way to another position. It’s also natural to feel betrayed and angry, and those feelings shouldn’t sandbag you, they should prompt you to get moving. Cheers!

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