Microsoft – A Big Thank You

1/03/2017 was a huge day in my career as I was awarded my first (and hopefully not the last) Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award under the category Visual Studio and Development Technologies. It was such a  Indescribable honor, and i have to give a shout out here to the Microsoft community for their support. There have been so many great mentors/supporters in my career over the past 6  years.Thank you  MVP Community Program Manager, my friends, colleagues, my company,followers and supporters for helping me to get my Microsoft  MVP Award for this year.

I hope this marks only the beginning of this new phase of my professional life and I feel so very lucky to be among the 6 technology leaders under the same category in Sri Lanka. Microsoft has always been a great supporter of the community, and a real partner in our ongoing efforts. I will make sure to work extra hard to give back (even more) to the community and I will be more glad to do it every day! Thank you Microsoft!Thank you to the MVPs who welcomed me and others have helped me throughout the years!

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