How to copy a Database from a MongoDB instance to another?

While recently i was working in an application i had to copy the database from a mongoDB  hosted in an mlab instance to my local. I will share an easy step in MongoDB Shell which support to copy database from remote instance to current one with a single command.
DEMO with steps :
I made  two instances of MongoDB from following commands.
 //Instance 1  
mongod --port 9998 --dbpath /data/db1
//Instance 2
mongod --port 9999 --dbpath /data/db2
In instance 1 there is a database called “dsampledb1“.
and i started the instance with the following command,

 mongo localhost:9998  
I create a database with one collection with the following command,
 use dsampledb1{id:1, name:"sample name"})
Then I log in to next MongoDB instance using MongoDB Shell.
 mongo localhost:9999  
Now to copy the database from the instance 1 to instance 2 , we can simply use the following command,
Syntax is as follows,
 db.copyDatabase(sourcedb, destinationdb, fromhost, username, password)  

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