Azure MindMap and Azure 360 helps you to learn more about Azure

Are you an Azure or Cloud enthusiast? Got a resolution to learn #Azure in 2020?. I recently read a wonderful blog by @ThomasMaurer . Immediately i wanted to create visualization to make all the resouces in one place so that i will be easy for everyone to access. On the following days i created two resources namely,

Azure 360:

It is a simple D3 Force visualization that has all the Resources to learn Azure in a single page

Azure Mind-Map:

It is a github repository which contains all the mind-maps related to Azure resources,technologies and certifications. In general, Creating a best Azure architecture and making sure all aspects of design, development,release and maintainance can be very difficult. Microsoft Azure team have published their own set of best practices and frameworks for building cloud solutions on Azure. I have created/obtained these mindmaps from various resources built by others as well as i have modified few. Source of information used to create the illustrations are the resources of the Azure team.

Azure Solutions Architect MindMap , Open in new tab to have the zoom feature

I will be adding more features to the Azure360 as well as Mindmaps in the coming days. I hope these two resources give you a great hints of how you can start learning Azure and get certified. If you have questions feel free to reach out to me at @kokkisajee and subscribe to my blog to get more updates. Keep Azurifying!