Rock your github profile with these simple steps!

Since the acquisition by Microsoft, Github has been so much better. Github team has focused on developer priorities and  have added so many new features. GitHub recently made lot of improvements on the UI aspects including adding a twitter handle to your profile. Also introduced a special feature for developers, that allows you to showcase yourself by pinning a containing information about you, your work, portfolio and anything else on your GitHub profile.

In this post, I’ll show you how to create a rocking Github profile to showcase your skills when someone visits your profile


  • A GitHub account
  • Basic markdown knowledge
  • Expertise on Making Gifs would be an added advantage

Step 1 :

Create a new ✨special✨ repository with your username. The special repository is case sensitive, ensure to use the same case as your account’s username.

Creating special repository

Click on the checkbox: Initialize this repository with a README. This will create a file inside your <Username>/<Username> repository, where you will be adding the details

Step 2 :

In the file in your ✨special✨ repository, Edit the file as you deem fit (add images, text, tables, lists, embeds and anything else markdown supports). The README file will automatically appear on your public GitHub profile!

Template Github Profile

If you are not sure what to add, you also get a free template out of the box, cool right?

Here’s my own finished rocking profile page from the special repository:

My Github Profile

This is definitely a great feature for developers to expose their skills and also to showcase to recruiters, followers etc. I would ask everyone to get creative and showcase everything about yourself to your followers

Done with your special repository ? Drop a link to your GitHub account in the comments and let’s see how amazing yours look. ✌🏾 Cheers!

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