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How to Build a Rocking Github Profile

Since the acquisition by Microsoft, Github been so much better! They have added so many new features, made mobile app. GitHub recently made lot of improvements on the UI aspects including adding a twitter handle to your profile. Also introduced a special feature for developers, that allows you to showcase yourself by pinning a containing information […]

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Deploy Deno App on Azure with Github Actions

Overview : Before two weeks Ryan Dahl (Founder of Node.JS) announced the first version of Deno. As the tagline says A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno is a runtime for Javascript and Typescript that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. I have been a Node developer for 2 years in […]

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Azure static web app is simply AWESOME : Deployed MEME generator app in 10 seconds!

One of the highlight among the announcements made at Microsoft Build 2020 was announcement of the new Azure service in the keynote: Azure App Static Web Apps. Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full stack web apps to Azure from a GitHub repository. This service allow web developers to […]

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Deploy Angular9 App to Azure with Github Actions

It’s been almost a week since Angular 9 was released which included several new features such as new Ivy Renderer, SSR, Type checking etc. In this post, i will be going through on how to build and deploy an Angular9 application as a static website to Azure with GitHub Actions. Prerequisites: Github Account Azure Account […]

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