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Build and Deploy Future Proof Application with Azure Kubernetes Service in 10 Minutes (Nodejs, Go + AKS)

QUARANTINE, SELF-ISOLATION, SOCIAL-DISTANCING – for the past one month, I’m living with these words. While most of us are investing this time to learn new technologies/tools. I challenged myself to skill up myself and have deep knowledge on certain workloads on Azure. Kubernetes provides a uniform way of managing containers. Its aim is to remove […]

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Build a BOT in quick time to support COVID Scenario and place it with Teams and Your Website!

Overview This is my 2nd blog about a Chatbot solution to address the world wide problem “CoronaVirus” panademic. As it is now spreading across the world and its really vital to provide all citizens of the countries with up-to-date information. As we know it has come to a level that certain countries are in lockdown […]

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How world reacts to Work from home(#WFH) using Serverless with Azure(CosmosDB + Functions + LogicApps)

Overview: Due to the recent COVID outbreak and as it continues to spread throughout the world, employees are being to asked to work from home. While most of the companies are already getting adapted to this new way of working, there are mixed opinions among employees from different parts of the world. IMO , Working from […]

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Corona Escape – Game with Python and Cosmosdb

I’ve been gaming since 2003 till now.I remember those sleepless nights and how much fun i had playing PC games. I always wanted to be a game designer since my childhood days and have built lot of small games during my university days. After a very long time i invested some time and built a […]

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Create Github Issue Reporter with Azure Function and CosmosDB

Many times you would have wanted to have one view/dashboard of all the Github issues created for your open source repositories. I have almost 150 repositories and it becomes really hard to find which are the priority ones to be fixed. In this post we will see how you can create a one dashboard/report to […]

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Websites/tools every Azure developer should know!

There are few mandatory sites that every developer on azure should know. This post will contain a curated list of awesome websites which will definitely help. Azure Checklist – This checklist is your guide to the best practices for deploying secure, scalable, and highly available infrastructure in Azure Devops Generator – It is really a […]

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