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How world reacts to Work from home(#WFH) using Serverless with Azure(CosmosDB + Functions + LogicApps)

Overview: Due to the recent COVID outbreak and as it continues to spread throughout the world, employees are being to asked to work from home. While most of the companies are already getting adapted to this new way of working, there are mixed opinions among employees from different parts of the world. IMO , Working from […]

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Want to alert your boyfriend/girlfriend to have break at work? Azure function can help you!

A programmer can code for days continously without a break. I have done it when I started my career as a programmer. In IT field, it gets worse if you continously work without taking 5 minutes break every 30 minutes. In this blog I will explain how you can find yourself to remind someone to […]

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Programmatically change CosmosDB Request Units(RU) with Azure function 2.x and Cosmos DB SDK 3.0

When you are involving in an architectural discussion which involves Azure’s cosmosdb, a mandatory question that you get is “Is not Azure Cosmos DB very expensive?”. Based on the fact that Cosmos DB is evolving very fast, there are lot of customers stepping in to use the service in their architecture. To understand one thing […]

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How Azure CosmosDB + Functions + IOT hub + PowerBI could solve the burning Traffic problem

Road traffic is a very classic and burning problem in Sri Lanka and in most of the Asian countries. Personally I have to spend 2 hours on the road everyday by just stuck in the traffic and I assume the same for other people who gets stuck for many hours with no way out. I […]

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