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How world reacts to Work from home(#WFH) using Serverless with Azure(CosmosDB + Functions + LogicApps)

Overview: Due to the recent COVID outbreak and as it continues to spread throughout the world, employees are being to asked to work from home. While most of the companies are already getting adapted to this new way of working, there are mixed opinions among employees from different parts of the world. IMO , Working from […]

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Download Top Azure eBooks from Microsoft to learn Azure

You might have noticed my recent posts were mostly focused on how to get started and learn Azure in 2020. This post is also to help all Azure enthusiasts to get to know and download all the free ebooks by Microsoft to learn more in depth about Azure. I have added the reference to this […]

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Azure Charts : The best Azure Resources tool that you love

Technology is moving very fast and it’s hard to keep up, but you always gotta find a way to keep updated! Especially in the cloud’s world it is mandatory to keep your knowledge updated everyday. Every social media is a great place to know about what’s happening around,new innovations and stuff. As there are many […]

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