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How to resolve : Cosmos DB x-ms-partitionkey Error

One of the most repeated question that i came across on stackoverflow on the tag #Cosmosdb is that how to resolve the error “The partition key supplied in x-ms-partitionkey header has fewer components than defined in the the collection” This error could occur when you are attempting to get a Document from Cosmosdb using the […]

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Create Github Issue Reporter with Azure Function and CosmosDB

Many times you would have wanted to have one view/dashboard of all the Github issues created for your open source repositories. I have almost 150 repositories and it becomes really hard to find which are the priority ones to be fixed. In this post we will see how you can create a one dashboard/report to […]

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Programmatically change CosmosDB Request Units(RU) with Azure function 2.x and Cosmos DB SDK 3.0

When you are involving in an architectural discussion which involves Azure’s cosmosdb, a mandatory question that you get is “Is not Azure Cosmos DB very expensive?”. Based on the fact that Cosmos DB is evolving very fast, there are lot of customers stepping in to use the service in their architecture. To understand one thing […]

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