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How to resolve : Cosmos DB x-ms-partitionkey Error

One of the most repeated question that i came across on stackoverflow on the tag #Cosmosdb is that how to resolve the error “The partition key supplied in x-ms-partitionkey header has fewer components than defined in the the collection” This error could occur when you are attempting to get a Document from Cosmosdb using the […]

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Build hybrid apps with Cosmosdb + Ionic

I was at the Global Azure Bootcamp recently concluded last week, one of the participant came and asked me, “Hey what is Cosmos DB” I casually responded “Well, that’s Microsoft’s globally distributed, massively scalable, horizontally partitioned, low latency, fully indexed, multi-model NoSQL database”. The immediate question came after that was whether it supports hybrid applications. […]

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How to delete all documents in Cosmosdb Collection

I have been working with couple of applications built with CosmosDB and one of the things that surprised me was one cannot clear all documents in a collection from the Azure web portal or using the Storage Explorer. As I was struggling to do this while doing some tests on the application I decided to […]

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Streaming Live Tweets from Twitter to CosmosDB

This is time for another blog on cosmosdb explaining how to stream tweets from twitter using hashtags and store them in cosmosdb in real time. You should be able to setup and run this demo within 15 minutes. PRE REQUISITIES: I have the following in my local environment , hope you guys have already have😊, […]

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