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Build and Deploy Future Proof Application with Azure Kubernetes Service in 10 Minutes (Nodejs, Go + AKS)

QUARANTINE, SELF-ISOLATION, SOCIAL-DISTANCING – for the past one month, I’m living with these words. While most of us are investing this time to learn new technologies/tools. I challenged myself to skill up myself and have deep knowledge on certain workloads on Azure. Kubernetes provides a uniform way of managing containers. Its aim is to remove […]

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Create Github Issue Reporter with Azure Function and CosmosDB

Many times you would have wanted to have one view/dashboard of all the Github issues created for your open source repositories. I have almost 150 repositories and it becomes really hard to find which are the priority ones to be fixed. In this post we will see how you can create a one dashboard/report to […]

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NG-Sri Lanka 2019 – A conference to celebrate

Hey NG folks, ng-Srilanka 2019, the First-ever Angular conference on the 14th of September 2019 was a great success. It was a dream come true moment for me. Yes, I am one of those developers who marries one platform or framework and doesn’t care too much about the other ones. I have been an Angularjs/Angular […]

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Cosmic Clone – An amazing Cosmosdb Utility Tool

In any business, the value of your data is the cost to reproduce it.  For an instance if the data came from any form the cost is the amount of money in wages to recreate the data in the same form where it came from. While in the case of application running in production, some […]

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Build your serverless functions with OpenFaaS on Azure


For the past one month , I have been experimenting with one of the promising serverless framework for creating serverless functions.  With the modern applications moving to cloud with microservices this framework becomes very handy to create/manage your microservices in the form of functions. What do we need microservices? When I started my career as […]

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Streaming Live Tweets from Twitter to CosmosDB

This is time for another blog on cosmosdb explaining how to stream tweets from twitter using hashtags and store them in cosmosdb in real time. You should be able to setup and run this demo within 15 minutes. PRE REQUISITIES: I have the following in my local environment , hope you guys have already have😊, […]

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