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How to choose which service to use in Azure for your application? Here is the answer.

If you have been using Azure already or new to Azure, you must know that Microsoft Azure is huge and it changes very fast with new services and updates. It can be really overwhelming to see the new releases,features at the same time it is very hard to know which services to use for the […]

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Build your serverless functions with OpenFaaS on Azure


For the past one month , I have been experimenting with one of the promising serverless framework for creating serverless functions.  With the modern applications moving to cloud with microservices this framework becomes very handy to create/manage your microservices in the form of functions. What do we need microservices? When I started my career as […]

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Event Sourcing with Azure EventHub and CosmosDB

Traditional Architecture : In a traditional Application with the normal approach, transactional use-cases usually involve persisting data in a few SQL tables or in a NOSQL database. When the changes are performed on the object the database is updated to match the new state. The traditional approach works well in case if you do not […]

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