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Investigating into Azure Data Lake Storage and its Multi-protocol Access

We have a wide variety of options to store data in Microsoft Azure. Nevertheless, every storage option has a unique purpose for its existence. In this blog, we will discuss ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage) and its multi-protocol access that Microsoft introduced in the year 2019. Introduction to ADLS (Azure Data Lake Storage) According to […]

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Download Top Azure eBooks from Microsoft to learn Azure

You might have noticed my recent posts were mostly focused on how to get started and learn Azure in 2020. This post is also to help all Azure enthusiasts to get to know and download all the free ebooks by Microsoft to learn more in depth about Azure. I have added the reference to this […]

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Transform and Migrate data from MSSQL to Cosmosdb

Recently, I was involved in working with a customer who had their data in on prem SQL server. As they are shifting their soultion to Cloud(Azure) with Cosmosdb, the first requirement was to migrate the existing data to Cosmosdb. In this post, I will be explaining on how to do the migration and also how […]

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How to Import database from SQL Azure to local environment

One of the most frequent thing that developers always wanted to have a copy of the development database in local. In this blog i will pen down the steps on how to export and import a database from SQL azure instance to local machine and restore it on SQL server. Prerequisites: You will need an […]

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Running Python Inside SQL Server

One of the valuable addition to data analytics by Microsoft was adding python into SQL server.Now SQL Server will support the two primary languages of Data Science within SQL Server R and Python. I am a fan of Python and ¬†Python is near the top of the most popular programming language charts, many people are […]

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