How world reacts to Work from home(#WFH) using Serverless with Azure(CosmosDB + Functions + LogicApps)

Overview: Due to the recent COVID outbreak and as it continues to spread throughout the world, employees are being to asked to work from home. While most of the companies are already getting adapted to this new way of working, there are mixed opinions among employees from different parts of the world. IMO , Working from […]

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How to build Facial Recognition Solution for the fraud prevention using Azure AI and Cosmosdb

Biometric Face Recognition is the process and ability of a bio metric machine to identify and recognize the face of an individual either to grant access to a secured system or to find out the details of a person by matching the face with existing data in the machine‚Äôs system. Facial recognition is full of potential […]

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Deploy Angular Applications to Azure with Github Actions – Emotion Detection App

The first ever Github Universe viewing party in SriLanka took place on last Thursday organized by the Github Campus Experts in the country. It was an event to share all the exciting news and updates on Github and it was a great success. I decided to write this blog based on the session i presented […]

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