Build and Deploy Future Proof Application with Azure Kubernetes Service in 10 Minutes (Nodejs, Go + AKS)

QUARANTINE, SELF-ISOLATION, SOCIAL-DISTANCING – for the past one month, I’m living with these words. While most of us are investing this time to learn new technologies/tools. I challenged myself to skill up myself and have deep knowledge on certain workloads on Azure. Kubernetes provides a uniform way of managing containers. Its aim is to remove […]

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Download Top Azure eBooks from Microsoft to learn Azure

You might have noticed my recent posts were mostly focused on how to get started and learn Azure in 2020. This post is also to help all Azure enthusiasts to get to know and download all the free ebooks by Microsoft to learn more in depth about Azure. I have added the reference to this […]

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My experience at Microsoft OpenHack DevOps – Singapore

This week I participated my first ever OpenHack on DevOps organized by Microsoft in Singapore. It was a three day event from 26th-29th November 2019. The hackathon was focused on Azure DevOps and Azure Kubernetes services. There were participants from all over the world gathered at one place. There were over 90+ Participants comprised of […]

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