How to resolve : Cosmos DB x-ms-partitionkey Error

One of the most repeated question that i came across on stackoverflow on the tag #Cosmosdb is that how to resolve the error “The partition key supplied in x-ms-partitionkey header has fewer components than defined in the the collection” This error could occur when you are attempting to get a Document from Cosmosdb using the… Read More How to resolve : Cosmos DB x-ms-partitionkey Error

Angular  —  Exception Handling Mechanism

One of the main issue which i came across with angular  was exception handling.  When you are developing an application, you are in full control, and you will be able to see the errors and handle them accordingly. But as you soon deploy it in the production,  you can’t see what your user is seeing… Read More Angular  —  Exception Handling Mechanism

I love Visual Studio Code

I’ve been a .Net developer since the beta days of .Net 3.0, Now i find myself doing less and less coding related with .Net related stuffs. However, the new strategy from Microsoft  encouraged all the developers including me to once again start doing some .Net work from time to time. One of the highlighting tool… Read More I love Visual Studio Code