Azure Tip : Enable Debug Mode on Azure Portal

I was checking out this cool feature on the Azure Portal Today. I usually spent 2 hours per day on evaluating the new features or building something new on Azure. Azure Portal is for a lot of developers is the go-to place to manage all their Azure resources and services. Most often i hear from […]

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Wear out the features of Azure CosmosDB with AspNetCore application

Azure CosmosDB (Azure Cosmos DB – Globally Distributed Database Service (formerly DocumentDB) | Microsoft Azure) is a super set of the service once known as “Azure Document Db”. In short: “Azure CosmosDB ” = “Azure Document Db” + new data types + new APIs. You can try CosmosDB  for free on Azure or you can setup the CosmosDB on your local […]

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Start using Azure Logic apps and save your time

This is my first blog and Azure and i am inspired to write this one after attending the Microsoft’s workshop “App innovation day”.There was a cool technology “Windows Workflow Foundation” provided by Microsoft with dot net framework to create workflows to cater business logic in dot net applications. With Azure, The Logic Apps service fulfill […]

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