Corona Escape – Game with Python and Cosmosdb

I’ve been gaming since 2003 till now.I remember those sleepless nights and how much fun i had playing PC games. I always wanted to be a game designer since my childhood days and have built lot of small games during my university days. After a very long time i invested some time and built a […]

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Simple Azure Function that can get you 200+ Twitter followers in a month!

I have been using twitter for the past 10 years and it took nearly 5 years to get those 100 followers. I was not an active user till before 2 years. One great tip i learnt in recent times is that first thing you need to do is to get a really complete and professional […]

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Complete Tutorial: Webpy + Apache + mod_wsgi on Ubuntu

There has been plenty of tutorials and blogs on how to configure webpy application with apache and mod_wsgi, but none of them turned into successful one. After 2 days of research i have found the solution and decided to write a blog on the same. Hope it will be useful for others. In the future, […]

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