Am I really a developer or just a nethead?

It has been 6 years since i entered into programming field, and 18 years since i started using a computer, Everyone things i am a computer geek. Some times in my mind sounds come that Is that I am really a developer or just a good nethead?. It’s because there has not been a single […]

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DuoSoftware, Not Just another Software Company

Time has gone extremely fast, and I can still recall the day that I joined Duo. I can safely say that Duo is an awesome place to work at since I have had the opportunity to work with awesome, highly motivated people who loves the company. I never had much trouble with work life balance […]

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My Perfect 12 @ College!

Life’s not that easy I know, Things never go in the way we think so. But still being a part of all that goes, Make me feel I’m special and it really shows. This is because I found my new family, In my friends whom I met in college, coincidently. Being far away from family, […]

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