Tip : Connect/Navigate to Microsoft Teams From any Web App

I have been involved in developing Apps and integrated them as a part of Teams. At times there are questions from customers whether they would be able to utilize the features of teams within their application. The simple answer for the will be NO as Teams Platform Architecture is enabling developers to bring adoption to […]

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Build a BOT in quick time to support COVID Scenario and place it with Teams and Your Website!

Overview This is my 2nd blog about a Chatbot solution to address the world wide problem “CoronaVirus” panademic. As it is now spreading across the world and its really vital to provide all citizens of the countries with up-to-date information. As we know it has come to a level that certain countries are in lockdown […]

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Productivity Tip : Run Azure Cloud shell, Stackoverflow, Github in Microsoft teams.

One of the cool feature that Microsoft teams provide is that you can load any website as a tab on particular channel. One handy thing i noticed is that if you want to access azure cloud shell in teams you can just add it as a separate tab and manage the resources without navigating to […]

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