Deploy Deno App on Azure with Github Actions

Overview : Before two weeks Ryan Dahl (Founder of Node.JS) announced the first version of Deno. As the tagline says A secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript. Deno is a runtime for Javascript and Typescript that is based on the V8 JavaScript engine and the Rust programming language. I have been a Node developer for 2 years in […]

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NG-Sri Lanka 2019 – A conference to celebrate

Hey NG folks, ng-Srilanka 2019, the First-ever Angular conference on the 14th of September 2019 was a great success. It was a dream come true moment for me. Yes, I am one of those developers who marries one platform or framework and doesn’t care too much about the other ones. I have been an Angularjs/Angular […]

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Build hybrid apps with Cosmosdb + Ionic

I was at the Global Azure Bootcamp recently concluded last week, one of the participant came and asked me, “Hey what is Cosmos DB” I casually responded “Well, that’s Microsoft’s globally distributed, massively scalable, horizontally partitioned, low latency, fully indexed, multi-model NoSQL database”. The immediate question came after that was whether it supports hybrid applications. […]

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A checklist for building Angular web applications in the correct way

Hey guys, There has not been a  proper resource to have a checklist to make sure that applicaiton is flawless.I decided to write a simple tips on checklist items needed before you deploy your app to production.Following are a few Angular Code Review Checklists useful while doing a peer review of Angular code. Make sure […]

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Build Web Applications With Angular 5 Using Visual Studio Code

My first post for the year 2018 and i wanted to write something about a technology in which i have vast experience and passionate about. This blog will be very useful for those who want to start with angular for developing web applications.In this blog i am going to set up Angular 5 app using […]

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Angular Language Service – A handy extension for angular developers

Even though there have been plenty of tools/extension to check the typescript/javascript code, but there have not been any extension to validate the HTML code or related features to it. Angular Language Service was released to make the developers more productive and reduce the errors by offering better code completion. This service is available in […]

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